Austrian Composer Joseph Haydn: International Fame, Self-Image Alteration, Italian Mistress Mezzo-Soprano Singer Luigia Polzelli, Legal Loopholes Exploited, Publishing Works Never Once Played Physically, Austrian Musician Maria Anna von Genzinger, Life Altering Encounter With German Composer Johann Peter Salomon, German Composer Ludwig van Beethoven Acting as a Student of Haydn, Austria’s National Anthem, Novel Trumpet Within the Concerto per il Clarino Work

Joseph Haydn was well established across Europe by the 1770’s and actually had his music pirated during this time as well which caused Haydn to have his portrait painted so that he could project an image of himself to countries which he had never physically visited. Haydn traveled very little but received international fame, particularly in London, England and Paris, France. In the portrait Haydn commissioned of himself, he specifically left out the pock marks which he acquired while he contract...

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