Genius Sparked Through Unconscious Dreaming: The Code of Hammurabi, The Commonality Between Religious Prophets, the Etymology of the Term “Genie”, Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and His Genius Modular Functions, German Physicist Albert Einstein’s Dream of the Theory of Relativity, German Organic Chemist Friedrich August Kekulé’s Dream of the Benzene Molecule, Russian Chemist Dmitri Mendeleev’s Dream of the Periodic Table, Unconscious Alpha Brain Activity, American Sociologists William Ogburn and Dorothy Thomas’ Discovery of Virtually Identical Inventions and Discoveries Being Produced Simultaneously, American Entrepreneur Steve Jobs’ Meditative Flow State, the Increase of Intelligence Between Modern Day Human Beings and Those of the Early 20th Century

The Code of Hammurabi begins with a prologue, in which king Hammurabi boasts of his great deeds, but he also writes that the code itself was dictated to him by the Babylonian god Shamash (pronounced “shah-mah-shh”). When scribes read the code back to Hammurabi he had no recollection of it because he was in a trance like state. Most religions have prophets who claim to have been provided instructions from beings not of this world that they were instructed to relay back to human civilization. The ...

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