The Size of the Roman Empire, Ancient Roman Slave Owners Indoctrinating Slaves into Ancient Roman Culture, Immigration into Ancient Rome, the Size of Ancient Rome, Amphorae, Foreign Import in Ancient Rome, Socialism Via the State Corn Dole, the Importance of Ancient Roman Occupation, the Importance of Phoenician Purple, Seating for Women, Slaves, and the Forgotten within the Colosseum, the Design of Gladiator Equipment and the Reason Gladiators Survived Numerous Battles

The Roman Empire stretched from as far east as Spain to as far west as Syria, from as far north as Scotland to as far south as Afghanistan, and dominated the western world for over 700 years. Many people were enslaved by the Romans but eventually set free, often keeping the name they were born with which demonstrates that the Romans not only allowed foreigners to become citizens, but also that those foreigners were allowed to keep their own personal identities, regardless of if they had been sla...

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