Boxgrove Man, Human Beings and Neanderthals Coexisting, British Theologian William Buckland’s Accidental Major Archaeological Discovery, the Ritualistic Behavior of Past Humans, the Creation of Cave Artwork for Deities, and Cheddar Man and Industrialized Warehousing of Ancient Britons

The oldest human remains every found in Britain are of Boxgrove Man in West Sussex, England. The bones are 500,000 years old and consist of 2 parts of the same tibia and 2 teeth and the teeth have tiny scratches on them which are thought to have been made as the individual ate meat, using a biting and cutting motion with a sharp tool. Archeologists have estimated that the individual stood approximately 5.9” tall and weighed 196 lbs. It’s possible that the bones belong to a woman as the gender co...

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