Slavery Across the British Empire: Examining and Raping Slaves, Children Born into Slavery, Institutionalized Racism Within the British Judicial System, the Legality of Murdering a Slave in Britain and the Commonwealth, Britain’s Schizophrenic Stance Upon Slavery During the 18th Century, Granville Sharp Rescuing Jonathan Strong and Advocating for the Abolition of Slavery Within the Judicial System, and Lord Dunmore Granting Freedom for Any Enslaved Person Who Would Join His Militia

Prior to making a bid to purchase a slave, perspective buyers and traders would examine the people being auctioned by checking their eyes, nose, and teeth for signs of disease and hitting them on their knees to get them to jump up to prove physical fitness. In total, the British transported over 3,000,000 (3 million) people into slavery over 2.5 centuries of involvement. Trading facilities often had specialized separate rooms built so that traders could take female slaves into privacy and rape t...

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