The Life, Struggles, and Successes of Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo: The Birthplace of Kahlo, the Home Kahlo Resided Within for the Majority of Her Life, the Ethnicity of Kahlo’s Parents, the Greatest Romance of Kahlo’s Life, Kahlo Remaining Relatively Unknown During Her Lifetime, the Mexican View of Being Born Within and Dying Within the Same Home, the Reason Kahlo Had a Limp When Ambulating, German Photographer Guillermo Kahlo (Kahlo’s Father) Encouraging Kahlo to Participate Within Sports, the Sports Kahlo Became Proficient Within, Kahlo Desiring to be Male During Childhood, the Event Which Had the Greatest Impact Upon Kahlo’s Childhood, Kahlo Becoming One of the First Female Students to Attend the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria (National Preparatory School) of Mexico, Kahlo Learning to Read Within Multiple Languages, Kahlo Desiring to Become a Physician, the Student Culture of the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria, the Group of Peers Kahlo Associated Herself With, the Goal of the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria, the Use of Mural Artwork to Teach True and Propagandized Mexican History, the Themes of the Mural Artwork Created Upon Public Buildings, the Financial Compensation for Artists Contributing Toward This Project, Mexican Painter Diego Rivera Participating Within This Project, Kahlo and Rivera’s Initial Interactions, Kahlo’s Romantic Interest During the Period, Mexican Politician Alejandro Gomez Arias’ View of Kahlo’s Sexuality, Arias Accusing Kahlo of Romantic Infidelity, the Vehicular Accident Which Changed Kahlo’s Life Permanently, Kahlo Beginning to Paint During Her Convalescence Post Accident, the Injuries Suffered by Kahlo, the Model Kahlo Used During Her Convalescence and the Reason for This, the First Artistic Work Produced by Kahlo During Convalescence, the Modernity and Sophistication of Mexico City, Mexico During the Early 20th Century, the Reason Artists Migrated to Mexico City, the View of Vulgar Terminology During the Early 20th Century, Rivera Studying Cubism in Paris, France and Becoming a Respected Master of the Art Form, Rivera Transitioning From European Thematics to Mexican Thematics, the Romantic Past of Rivera Prior to Kahlo, Rivera’s View of Kahlo’s Artwork, Rivera’s View of Kahlo as an Artist, the Age of Kahlo and Rivera When Their Romantic Relationship Developed, the Physical Characteristics of Kahlo and Rivera, Rivera Requesting Permission From Kahlo’s Family to Marry Kahlo, Guillermo Kahlo’s Response to This Request, the Financial Troubles of Guillermo Kahlo, How Kahlo Knew Rivera Arrived Home Each Day and the Daily Routine Which Developed From This, Rivera Struggling to Remain Romantically Faithful to Kahlo, Rivera Medically Diagnosed as Incapable of Monogamy, the First Romantic Infidelity of Rivera and Kahlo, the Reason Kahlo was Forced to Undergo a Pregnancy Abortion, Kahlo and Rivera Migrating to San Francisco, United States of America, Kahlo’s View of American’s After Migrating, Kahlo Intentionally Making Statements Which Prompted an Emotional Reaction, Kahlo Becoming Pregnant After Migrating to Detroit, United States of America, the Medical Complications of Kahlo’s Second Pregnancy, Kahlo Depicting the Emotional Pain of the Loss of Her Unborn Children Within Her Artwork, Kahlo Attempting to Convince Rivera to Migrate Back to Mexico and the Reason Rivera Resisted, the Reason Kahlo Convinced Rivera to Migrate Back to Mexico, How Kahlo and Rivera Travelled back to Mexico, Rivera’s View of Residing Within Mexico Once Again, Rivera Developing Another Romantic Infidelity, How Kahlo Convinced Herself That Rivera’s Romantic Infidelities Were Permissible, the Reason This Logic Did Not Apply to the Person Rivera Developed a Romantic Relationship With Post Returning to Mexico, Kahlo’s Response to This Romantic Infidelity, Kahlo Engaging Within Romantic Infidelities, Kahlo’s Quote Related to Life and Love, Kahlo Returning to Live With Rivera, the Home Rivera Designed to Accommodate His Romantic Infidelities, Kahlo Reconciling With Mexican Artist Cristina Kahlo (Kahlo’s Sister), the Political Changes Within Mexico During the 1930’s, the Reason Kahlo Received Ukrainian Former Member of the Constituent Assembly of Russia Leon Trotsky and Ukrainian Revolutionary Natalia Sedova (Trotsky’s Wife) Upon Arriving Within Mexico for Asylum, the Living Arrangement Kahlo and Rivera Afforded the Trotsky’s, Kahlo and Trotsky Engaging Within Romantic Infidelity, Kahlo Creating a Self-Portrait for Trotsky, the Reason Spanish Artist Pablo Picasso Gifted Kahlo a Specialized Pair of Earrings, the Corrosive Impact of Celebrity for Kahlo and Rivera, Kahlo Developing Alcoholism Due to Celebrity, the Symbolism of Kahlo’s The Two Frida’s Work, Rivera’s Romantic Infidelity With His Assistant, Kahlo’s Health Deteriorating During Rivera’s Romantic Affair With His Assistant, Rivera Desiring to Become Remarried to Kahlo, Kahlo Engaging Within a Romantic Affair With German Art Dealer Heinz Berggruen, the Re-Marriage of Kahlo and Rivera, Kahlo’s Severely Declining Health During Her Late 30’s, Kahlo’s View of the Medical Corset She Was Forced to Use, Kahlo Wearing Medical Corsets Continually Throughout Adulthood, the Reasons Kahlo Spent 1 Year Within the Hospital in 1950, Kahlo Developing an Addiction to Opioid Medication, Kahlo Journalling Frequently During Her Convalescence, Kahlo’s State of Health Upon Moving Back into Her Childhood Home, Kahlo’s Fascination With and Support of Communism, Kahlo’s Flawed View of Communism, Kahlo Having Her Leg Amputated, Rivera’s View of This Surgery, the Death of Kahlo, How Friends of Kahlo Presented Her Body Post Mortem, the Death of Rivera, and the Final Pieces of Artwork Produced by Kahlo and Rivera

Frida Kahlo was born in Coyoacan, Mexico near Mexico City in 1907 in a blue home built by her father. Kahlo lived in this home on and off for her entire life and would die in this location at the young age of 47. Kahlo’s father Guillermo was a German and Jewish immigrant and her mother an indigenous native American from Oaxaca (pronounced “wah-ha-ka”). Kahlo took both male and female lovers, but the great love of her life was the celebrated Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. Kahlo’s paintings remaine...

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