The Last Emperor of China: The Birthplace of Chinese Emperor Aisin-Gioro Puyi, Why Puyi Became the Next Qing Dynasty Emperor of China, the Origin Location of the Qing Dynasty, Puyi’s Father’s Relation to the Guangxu Empire, the Most Influential Person Behind Chinese Emperor Guangxu, the Adolescent Period of Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi’s Life, Cixi’s Final Decree Appointing Puyi to Become Emperor, Puyi Forbidden From Having His Parents Accompany Him to Become Emperor, the Death of Cixi, the Beginning of Puyi’s Administration, the Administrators Who Acted On Behalf of Puyi During Adolescence, Rebellion Causing the Chinese Military to Refuse Manchu Commanding Officers, Chinese President Yuan Shikai Tasked With Dismantling Insurrection, Shikai Forcing Puyi into Abdication of the Throne, the Birth of the Peoples Republic of China and the Nations First President, Empress Dowager Longyu Abdicating Puyi’s Authority, the Drafting of the Articles of Favorable Treatment of the Emperor, the Benefits Afforded to Puyi Within This Agreement, the Death of Longyu and Exit of Chinese Prince Zaifeng (Puyi’s Father) From the Qing Court, Chinese President Sun Yat-Sen Abdicating Authority to Shikai, the End of Feudal Society Within China, Puyi Maintaining His Title of Emperor Despite Being Deposed, the View of an Emperors Words in China During the Era, Shikai Declaring Himself Emperor and His Subsequent Death, China Split into Northern and Southern Factions, Puyi Reinstalled as Emperor, the Fall of the Qing Empire, Puyi Forced to Abdicate Once Again, the Summoning of Chinese Prince Pujie (Puyi’s Brother), the British Providing Puyi a Tutor, English Diplomat Scottish Reginald Johnston’s Qualifications to Act as a Tutor Toward Puyi, Johnston Altering Puyi’s World Views, Johnston Introducing Puyi to Western Philosophy and Technology, Puyi’s View of Women and Sexual Intercourse as an Adult, the Theory of Why Puyi May Have Detested Women and Sexual Intercourse, Puyi Possibly Suffering From Sexual Impotence, Johnston Encouraging Puyi to Cut Off His Manchu Hairstyle, Every Male Within Puyi’s Court Following This Trend, Puyi Suspecting His Court Eunuchs of Theft, the Eunuch’s Response to This Suspicion, Puyi’s Solution to This Problem, the Number of Eunuchs Who Survived Puyi’s Purge, Puyi Appealing to Johnston to Study Abroad, Chinese Warlords Proclaiming Peace to be Impossible During the Reign of an Emperor, the Articles of Favorable Treatment Abruptly Amended to Expel Puyi, the Japanese Government Providing Refuge for Puyi, Puyi Establishing a New Court, Puyi’s Obsession to Become Emperor Once Again, the Japanese Plan to Annex Manchuria, China, the Unification of the Factions of Northeastern China, the Japanese Government Recommending Forced Unification of the 4 Northeastern Provinces of China and Mongolia, the Japanese Capturing Shenyang, China and Large Swaths of Northeastern China, the Desire of the Japanese Government vs the Desire of Puyi, Puyi’s Concubine Chinese Consort Wenxiu Filing for Divorce, the Reason Wenxiu Filed for Divorce, Puyi Accepting the Divorce and Demoting Wenxiu’s Social Stature, Methods Utilized by the Japanese Government to Cajole Puyi into Submission, Puyi Believing in and Following the Advice of Japanese Advisors, Puyi Migrating to Manchuria, Puyi’s First Experience After Having Migrated, Puyi Appealing to Japanese General Seishirō Itagaki to Become Emperor Once Again, Itagaki’s Response Toward Puyi, Puyi Accepting the Terms of Itagaki’s Response, Puyi Migrating to Changchun, China, the Reason Japan Rescinded its Membership Within the League of Nations and the Consequences of This, the Japanese Government Recognizing Puyi as Emperor Once Again, the Textiles Chosen for Puyi’s Re-Coronation Ceremony, the Reason the Japanese Government Protested Puyi Wearing Manchurian Robes, and Puyi Re-Established as Emperor for the Third Time

Aisin-Gioro Puyi (pronounced “eye-soon jew-ru poo-yee”) was born in Beijing, China in 1906. Puyi was the nephew of the reigning Qing Dynasty (pronounced “ching”) of China, Guangxu (pronounced “go-ang-shoo”). The Qing’s are Manchus from the northeast of China’s Manchuria region and ruled over China since 1644. Puyi’s father is the emperors brother Zaifeng (pronounced “zai-fen”). Although Guangxu is Emperor, the real power behind the throne is wielded by his wife, Empress Dowager Cixi (pronounced ...

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