The Comparison of the Risk of Climate Change and Military Intelligence, Scientists Who Believe Climate Change to be a Present Risk and Danger Statistic, the Reason Afghan Agriculture is Moving Toward Opium Production, Poppy vs Wheat Water Resource Requirement, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Propelled by the Population Influx Within Syria During the Past 2 Decades, Mass Migration into Syria Causing Hyper Inflation, Unemployment Helping Propel the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Promising Youth a Source of Income, the Reason the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is Able to Provide Work to Youth, Instability Helping to Propel the Size of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, Climate Change Causing Drought Within the Middle East, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Controlling Water Resources, U.S. National Interest Impacted by Global Instability, the Cause of the Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia, Climate Change Exacerbating Existing Social Tensions and Causing Instability, the Reason Global Food Price Points are Influenced by World Events, the Impoverished Impacted the Greatest by Fluctuating Food Price Points, Shortages Causing Food Price Points to Exponentially Increase, Food Shortages Causing Instability Within All Nations, the Chain Reaction of the 2010 Arab Spring, the Reason Instability is Dangerous to the Survival of States, the Majority of Civilizations Collapsing Due to Climate Change, Hurricane Katrina Impacting an Entire Urban Geographic Location Simultaneously, Authorities Potentially Unable to Respond to Natural Disasters 2x – 3x the Size of Hurricane Katrina, the Reason Civilization is Not Prepared for Climate Change, the Reason Civilization is Not Prepared for Natural Disaster, Half of the Worlds Unused Arable Land Residing Upon the African Continent, Wealthier Nations Purchasing African Agricultural Land, Western Nations Causing Instability Within Africa Due to Land Acquisition, Instability Within Africa Migrating Toward the West, the Most Vulnerable Country of Climate Change, the Volume of Land Lost by Bangladesh if Sea Levels Rise by 1 Meter, the Number of Bangladeshi’s Impacted by Sea Levels Rising by 1 Meter, India Creating Border Partitions Between Bangladesh and Itself, the Worlds First Climate Migration Suppression and Control Unit, the Inspiration for India’s Bangladesh Border Wall, the Penalty for Approaching India’s Bangladeshi Border Wall, the India-Bangladeshi Border Being One of the Most Dangerous Border Crossings in the World, the Indian Government Not Admitting the India-Bangladeshi Border Wall is to Impede Climate Migration, the Importance of Being Able to Clearly View the Consequences of Consequences, Water, Food, and Physical Infrastructure Possibly Playing Key Roles in the Collapse of Multiple States, the Reason No Country and/or Organization Can Stop Climate Change Without Assistance, the Disputed Lands of the Himalayan Plateau Between China and India, China, India, and Pakistan All Possessing Nuclear Weaponry Leading to the Possibility of Mutually Assured Destruction, Development Acting as a Catalyst for Conflict, the Primary Task of World Militaries, the Development of Military Technology to Impede Climate Change, the Possibility of Future Governments Becoming Authoritarian, the Reason This Model of Government is Unsustainable Due to Climate Change, the Benefit of Viewing Climate Change as a Risk Managment Scenario, the Division Between Conservative and Liberal Politicians Regarding Climate Change, the Lowest Threshold the International Community Should Meet to Combat Climate Change, the Choice of Inaction, the Danger of Viewing Only One Outcome Going Forward for the World, the Breakdown of Systems Which Invest in Archaic Methods of Thinking and Acting, the System Resisting Change Until Reality Forces Change, the Unknown Variables of Damage and Repair for the Environment, Diversification Being the Key to Climate Change, the Mindset Which Can Save Humanity From its Collision Course With Climate Change, World Wide Change Ushered in During the 21st Century, and the Most Valuable Resource to Combat Climate Change

If a military captain, the leader of a platoon squadron is leading a group of soldiers through a war zone, and 98% of intelligence reports state that an ambush is waiting up ahead, it would be considered gross negligence upon an unfathomable scale, for that leader to continue on course as planned with the excuse that 2% of intelligence does not believe that an ambush lay in wait. This however is essentially what governments are doing in respect to climate change. 98% of scientists have concluded...

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