The Most Wooded Area of the U.K., Naturally Adapted Tree Antifreeze, the Oldest Tree in the World, Aphid Reproduction, Squirrel Nut Cache Memory, English Playwright William Shakespeare’s Dual Life, the Reason Leaves Change Color in the Autumn, Fungi Breaking Down Matter that Other Organisms Cannot, and the Chinese Tree Proverb

Surrey, England is the most wooded country in all of the U.K., with more deer today as of 2017 than there were during Queen Victoria’s reign during the 19th century. Conifers keep most of their leaves during winter, and the yew tree specifically which is 1 of only 3 native British conifers, has incredible sap which can withstand temperatures down to -35 degrees Celsius. This is achieved by a built in natural antifreeze which flows through its leaves. The oldest tree in the world is over 5000 yea...

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