Medical and Recreational Marijuana: The Difference Between Cannabis and Marijuana, Medical and Recreational Marijuana, the Etymology of “Marijuana”, the Legality of Marijuana Post 1930’s, Delta-9-Tetrahydrfocannabinol and Cannabidiol Receptors Within the Brain, and Lack of U.S. Study Due to Marijuana Being Classified as Schedule I and Israeli Study to Counteract This

The difference between marijuana and cannabis is that the term “marijuana” refers to the “nomenclature, popular culture term for the marijuana plant” as opposed to the term “cannabis” which refers to the “botanical name of the plant”. Cannabis is the scientific name for marijuana as marijuana is a genus of flowering plants within the family Cannabaceae. The term “marijuana” can be spelled with either an American “h” written as “marihuana” or the Spanish “j” written as “marijuana”. It’s unclear a...

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