The Colconda Mines in Teleangana, India and Andhra Pradesh, India, the World’s Largest Film Studio, Transgenderism in Calcutta and the Indian Judicial System’s Recognition of a Third Gender, the Jute Industry, India’s Least Populated State of Sikkim, India, Kangchenjunga the Third Highest Mountain in the World, and the Purpose of Buddhist Prayer Flags

India has one of the lowest consumptions of meat per capita in the entire world. The Golconda Mines in Telangana, India and Andhra Pradesh, India were for 2000 years, the only supplier in the world for diamonds. The world’s largest film studio is in Hyderabad, producing over 150 films per year in the Telugu language, and affectionately referred to as “Tollywood”. Tollywood is known for being at the cutting edge of digital animation and innovation. West Bengal, India has over 30,000 transgender i...

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