The Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire, Soldier Ethnicity Statistic Within the Hapsburg Military, the Reason Mass Literacy and Printed Media Accelerated Conflict in Europe, the Collapse of the Hapsburg Empire, Czech Republic President Tomas Masaryk’s Location During World War I, Masaryk’s Profession Prior to Politics, the Imperial Outline of Europe Forged Post World War I, States Which Claimed Independence Post World War I and the Effects Upon Hungary and Austria, American First Lady Edith Wilson’s Words to World Leaders Forging the New World Order, the Rise of Nationalism World Wide, the Worst Effected Areas of Flashpoint Contention Within Europe Post World War I, the Border Town Conflict of Tesin, Czech Republic, Polish and Czech Relations Within the Czech Republic During the Hapsburg Empire, the Reason Tesin Became Contended, the Outcome of This Conflict, the Disputed Boundaries of the Newly Formed European Nations Post World War I, Conflict Within the Czech Republic to Suppress Ethnic Groups, German’s Within Czech Republic Desiring to Become Part of Austria, the Czech Republic Governments Response to This Desire, the Kadan Massacre, National Security Questions Formulating From the Events of World War I, British Nationalism vs European Nationalism, the Reason Dominions of the British Empire Gravitated Away From the Empire, the U.K. Politically Fracturing Prior to World War I, the Response to British Imperialism by Ireland, Scottish Radicals Introducing Home Rule Legislation in 1913, the Disunification of the U.K. During the Era, European Powers Mobilizing Rapidly During the July Crisis, the July Crisis Changing the Rivalries and Alliances of the U.K., British Approval of Irish Home Rule Legislation and Welsh Anglican Disestablishment, the Reason Scottish Home Rule Legislation was Halted, the Dublin, Ireland Coup d’Etat of Irish Political Party Sinn Féin, the Irish General Post Office Coup d’Etat, the Reaction of the Spouses of Soldiers Participating Within World War I After the Irish General Post Office Coup d’Etat, the Failure of the Irish General Post Office Coup d’Etat, the English Military Forcing the Irish General Post Office Coup d’Etat into Submission, the British Regaining Control of Dublin, the Punishment Imposed Upon the Leaders of the Irish General Post Office Coup d’Etat, the Unexpected Consequences of This Decision, Irish Nationalists Declaring an Independent Irish Republic Prior to Peace Conference Negotiations Occurring Within Paris, France, the Argument of Irish President Eamon de Valera Against the U.K., the Development of Sinn Fein’s Paramilitary Campaign, the Governmental Compromise the British Empire Offered Ireland, the 6 Counties of Northern Ireland, the Result of the Governmental Compromise the British Empire Offered Ireland, Irish Civil War vs War of Independence With Britain Death Toll, the Head of the Newly Partitioned Irish State, Protestants Rapidly Taking Control of Northern Ireland, Suppression of Ethnic Groups in Ulster, Ireland, the Post World War II German Population of the Czech Republic, the Number of Deaths Due to World War II, the Problem of Nationalism Within Europe Post World War II, European Governments Suppressing Nationalities Via Force, the View of This Practice During the Modern Day, the Reason the Czech Republic Became Hostile to Germany and Germans During World War II, the Use of the Theresienstadt Prisoner Camp, the Czech Republic’s Response to the German People Post World War II, the Rise of the Soviet Union Demanding Nationalist Identity Within Eastern Europe, the Soviet Union’s Response to Independence Movements During the 1950’s and 1960’s, Western Europe’s Response to Nationalism, the Development of the European Union, the Person Who Created the European Union, Luxembourg President of the European Parliament Robert Schuman, Schuman Becoming a French Citizen, Schuman’s View of How Europe Will Avoid the Next World War, Schuman Appealing to Major European Powers to Relinquish Nationalist Control Over Industry, the Benefit and Problem of Coal and Steel During War Time, the Treaty of Rome Creating the European Economic Community, the U.K. Deciding Against Joining the European Union Until 1973, Dominions of the British Empire Seceding and Claiming Independence, the View of the U.K. by Canada and Australia During the Era, the 1966 Irish Nationalist Demonstration and the Reason for This, the Starting Date of the Troubles of Northern Ireland, the Number of Irish Killed During Conflict, Problems Between the Czech Republic and Serbia as the Cold War Came to a Close, Modern Day Europeans Being Part of the European Union Just as Previous People Were Part of the Hapsburg Empire, Tensions Within the U.K. Leading to Instability by the 1990’s, the Reason the U.K. Fractured Post World War I and World War II, Scotland and Wales Achieving Home Rule Legislation in 1997 and Independence in 2014, and the Lack of Popularity for the European Union Within the U.K.

The Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg Empire which centered upon Vienna, Austria and was 50,000,000 (50 million) people strong, acted as Europe’s third most popular state, yet it was a loosely sewn tapestry of national groups. For every 100 soldiers within the Hapsburg military during 1914, there were approximately 25 German speaking soldiers, 18 Hungarians, 13 Czech’s, 11 Serbian and Croats, 9 Poles, 9 Ruthenes, 6 Romanians, 4 Slovaks, 2 Slovenes, and 2 - 3 Italian speaking soldiers. National self cons...

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