The Number of Times American Actor Tom Cruise Has Helped Save a Life, Cruise Assisting a Victim During a Robbery, Other Examples of Cruise Helping to Save Lives, Celebrities Who Have Helped Save Lives, English Actor Emily Blunt’s View of Herself as an Actor Before Meeting Cruise, Blunt Beginning to Perform Her Own Stunts, Blunt Rescuing American Actor Merrill Streep, American Actor Jamie Foxx Rescuing Victims of a Vehicular Accident, Scientific Research Into Acting a Role and Believing the Role to be True, the Correlation Between Emotions and Thoughts, the Placebo Effect Possibly Impacting Scientific Study of Acting and Believing, the Concept of Changing an Emotional Outlook by Changing One’s Thought Pattern, the Burkina Faso Study Which Discovered that Emotional Expressions are Universal, How This Burkina Faso Emotional Expression Study Was Conducted, the Results of the Burkina Faso Emotional Expression Study, the Number of Emotional Expressions Found Within Every Culture, How the Burkina Faso Emotional Expression Study Began, the Use of Power Poses, the Internal and External Effect of Power Poses, the Reason Power Poses are Observed Within the Animal Kingdom, the Projected Image of Alpha Animals, the Controversy of Studying Power Poses, the Concept of “Situational Narcissism”, the Possibility of Actors Experiencing Situational Narcissism, the Death of British Actor Gareth Jones While Playing the Role of a Dying Person, the Death of Australian Actor Heath Ledger Emulating Artwork, the Death of American Actor Paul Walker Emulating Artwork, American Actor Ricardo Medina Committing Homicide, the Death of Canadian Actor Cory Monteith Emulating Artwork, Actors Experiencing the Roles They Fulfill in Daily Life, Action vs Thought Learning, the Connection Between Memory and Physical Expression, the Connection Between Wellness and Looking Upward, Looking Upward With Both the Eyes and the Head to Improve Mood Function, Looking Upward vs Looking Downward Feelings, American Linguist George Lakeoff’s View’s of Thought, the Brain, and the Body, How Lakeoff Developed His Theories of Embodied Cognition, Lakeoff’s View of the Reason Human Beings Think, Lakeoff’s Argument of the Body Shaping Cognition, the View of Embodied Cognition, How Action Influences Interpretation, Skeptical Facial Expressions Causing Information to Appear Less Credible, Non-Skeptical Facial Expressions Causing Information to Appear More Credible, Actions Impacting Emotions, the Body and Mind Working Together to Create Consciousness, the Theory of Why Arranged Marriages are More Successful Than Love Marriages, the Concept of Soul Gazing, the Effect of Prolonged Eye Contact, Romantic Couples Mirroring Eachother’s Behavior, and Eye Gazing Simulating the Effect of Love

Actor Tom Cruise has intervened to help save a life or a person in danger 5x as of 2018. On September 23, 1998, Cruise helped a woman named Rita Simmonds as she was being robbed of $120,000 worth of jewelry. Cruise helped 2 young boys from being narrowly crushed by his own fans, he helped save a family upon a burning boat off of the coast of France, he came to the aide of a fallen photographer who was being trampled, and leapt to the aide of a woman who had just been hit by a car in a hit and ru...

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