English Queen Victoria and English Prince Albert’s Wedding: The Role of British Prime Minister William Lamb (Lord Melbourne) Within English Queen Victoria and English Prince Albert’s Wedding, the Person Who Captured the Wedding in Paintings, the Ceremony vs the Paintings Produced by English Painter Sir George Hayter, the Reason Hayter Was Chosen as the Wedding Artist, Lamb Understanding the Power of Victoria Being Well Renowned, Albert Insisting the Wedding Take Place During the Day, Albert’s Relationship With German Duchess Caroline Amalie, the Size of the Wedding Cake Crafted for the Event, Guests Provided Pieces of the Wedding Cake to Take Home, Victoria Setting the Trend of Royal Wedding Cakes for Over a Century, the Cake Topper Used Upon Victoria and Albert’s Wedding Cake, the Description of Albert Within Media During the Event, the Reason Victoria Chose a Uniquely English Dress, Lamb Micromanaging the Wedding, the Reason Satin Was Chosen to be Viewed at Half Light During the Ceremony, Albert’s Demand for the Entourage of Victoria, Victoria Disputing These Demands, the Music Played When Albert Entered the Ceremony, Albert Attempting to Repair the Relationship Between Victoria and Her Mother German Princess Victoria, Albert’s Dislike of Victoria’s Surrogate Mother German Governess Johanna Clara Louise Lehzen, the Reason Albert Disliked Lehzen, the Music Played When Victoria Entered the Ceremony, the Placement of Princess Victoria and Lehzen Within Victoria and Albert’s Wedding, the Sexual Promiscuity of Albert’s Father German Duke Ernest I and Albert’s Brother German Duke Ernest II, Albert’s View of Sexuality, the Person Who Gave Victoria Away During the Wedding Ceremony, the Reason Victoria’s Uncle English Duke Augustus Frederick’s Title of Duke Died Out, the First Modern Day Monarchs to Revive the Title, Conflicting Media Reports of Victoria and Albert’s Wedding, the True Version of Events, the Reason Victoria and Albert Practiced Placing Rings Upon Eachothers Fingers, the Origin of the Wedding Vows Spoken by Victoria and Albert, the Portion of Albert’s Vows Which Caused Laughter From the Wedding Audience, the Book of Common Prayer Used to Marry Victoria and Albert, the Names Used Upon Victoria and Albert’s Wedding Registrar, the Gift Victoria Gave to Her Wedding Party, the Journal Entry Victoria Wrote Post Wedding, the Eating Concept of the à La Francaise Eating Setup, the Concept of “Table Deckers”, the Role of the Table Decker, the Method Used to Display Meat During the 19th Century, the Number of Guests Who Joined the Wedding After Party, the Original Seating Plan Reverse Engineered From Victoria’s Journal Entries, the Seating Arrangement of Victoria and Albert, the Cost of Victoria and Albert’s Wedding, Victoria vs Albert Eating and Drinking Habits, the Method Used to Judge Dinner Hosts During the 19th Century, the Reason Individuals Placed Mustard Within the Ear Canal During the 19th Century, Victoria Appealing to Lamb for Advice After Having Gained Weight, the Rapid Speed at Which Victoria Consumed Food and Drink and the Problem This Caused for Guests, the Most Important Division of Victoria and Albert’s Kitchen Staff, the Reason Molded Foods Held Prestige, Lamb Stepping Aside as Victoria’s Care Taker as She Aged, Albert’s Belief of English Monarchy Prior to Arriving in England, Albert Yearning for Authority He Could Not Aquire, Albert Forbidden to be Present During Victoria’s Breifings With Ministers, Albert Purposefully Continuing to Impregnate Victoria to Keep Her Subjugated, Victoria’s View of Children, Victoria Developing Post Natal Depression, Albert’s View’s Upon Social Welfare, Science and Art, and the Military, the Death of Albert, Victoria Continuing to Keep the Memory of Albert Alive for Decades, and the Reason Victoria Had a Death Cast Created of Albert’s Hand Post Mortem

British prime minister William Lamb (Lord Melbourne) played an integral role in the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, as he kept the public informed of the wedding schedule through the press, as it was felt that the need to win over the common people was of the utmost importance. Sir George Hayter, the person tasked with capturing the wedding, used his paintings to help propagandize how grand the wedding actually was. The ceremony itself took place in a small chapel and it was a dark,...

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