The Life, Struggles, and Successes of Italian Prime Minister Benito Mussolini: The Character Description of Mussolini During the Modern Day, Mussolini Developing Strategies Which Other Dictators Emulate During the Modern Day, the Birthplace of Mussolini, the Political Setup of Italy During the Late 19th Century, the Reason Mussolini Was Difficult and Violent During Adolescence, the Reason Mussolini Was Expelled From Elementary School, Mussolini Stabbing Multiple People During His Lifetime, Mussolini’s Views of Religion and Theology, Mussolini’s View of the Only Viable Trajectory for Italy’s Political Success, Mussolini Arrested for Inciting Revolution, Mussolini Constantly Within Prison or Evading Prison During Adulthood, the Reason Mussolini Learned to Manipulate Human Emotion, Mussolini Hired as an Editor for the Avanti! Newspaper Publication, Mussolini Helping to Double the Avanti! Newspaper Publication’s Exposure Within Italy, Mussolini Distancing Himself From Socialism in Favor of Dictatorship, the Terminology Used to Describe Mussolini’s Supporters During the Period and During the Modern Day, the Concept of “Futurism” Within Politics, the View of Conflict Prior to World War I and the Reason for This, One of the Most Famous Futurist Manifesto Quotes, the View of Conflict by Futurists and Socialists During the Period, Mussolini Exiled From the Italian Socialist Party, the Political Position of Italy During World War I, the Reason Mussolini Stopped Writing About World War I, Mussolini Learning of Nationalism Whilst Participating Within World War I, Mussolini Beginning to Build New Political Ideology Within Italy After Returning From World War I, the Name Mussolini Provided for This Movement, the Aspects of Italy Celebrated by Fascism, the Etymology of “Fascism”, the Correlation Between Fascism and American President Donald Trump’s Rhetoric During the Modern Day, Mussolini Spreading Ideology Amongst Soldiers to Create Revolution, the Concept of the “Black Shirts” Within Italy, Fascist Supporters Destroying Avanti! Newspaper Publication Offices, How Mussolini Converted His Following into a Military Force, the Most Effective Method to Ensure a Dictator Remains Within Office, Mussolini Exploiting Communism as a Common Enemy of the Italian State, the Reason Communism was Disliked by the Wealthy During the Period, the Reason Communism Spread Throughout Italy Post World War I, How the Labor Class Began Political Demonstrations to Demand Better Working and Living Conditions, the Number of Labor Strikes and the Number of Participants Across Italy in 1920, the Reason Democratic Leaders Were Unable to Stop the Labor Strikes Across Italy, Basic Democratic Rights Becoming Removed as Italy Became Fascist, the Reason European Political Leaders Searched for Governance Models Outside of Democracy, Mussolini Spreading Propaganda That Fascism is the Only Method Capable of Stopping Chaotic Revolution, the Counter Intuitive Logic of Negativity Within Politics, Mussolini Claiming That Only He Could Resolve the Breakdown of Society, How Mussolini Disseminated His Message to the Italian Public, How Mussolini Viewed Communism, the Groups Which Supported Mussolini’s Fascist Ideology, the Reason Industrialists and Land Owners Identified With Fascism, the Black Shirts Law Enforcement Group Growing Rapidly to Repel Communism, How Mussolini Inverted the Traditional Strategy of Dictators, Vigilante’s Causing Chaos Across Italy, Mussolini Erroneously Claiming Credit for Restoring Order Within Italy, Mussolini Creating the National Fascist Party, Mussolini Understanding the Benefit of Political Compromise When Necessary, the Reason the National Fascist Party Worked Alongside Democratic Politicians, the View of Liberalism During the Period, Political Violence Emerging Within Italy Once Again, Mussolini’s View of the Only Method to Enact Change, the Black Shirt Law Enforcement Group Seizing Key Assets of the Italian Government, Mussolini Demanding Italian King Victor Emmanuel III Instal Mussolini as Prime Minister of Italy, the Reason Modern Day Democracies Differ From Italy’s Para-Democracy During the Period, the Ultimatum Provided to Emmanuel III, the Military Command of Emmanuel III, the Reason Emmanuel III Did Not Utilize His Military Forces to Repel Mussolini, the Decision Emmanuel III Selected in Response to Mussolini’s Demands, the Size of Mussolini’s Black Shirts Law Enforcement Group vs the Italian State, the Rationale of Why Emmanuel III Installed Mussolini as Prime Minister, the Political Outcome of This Decision, Mussolini’s Chamber of Deputies Speech, the Physical Characteristics Fascist Deputies Began Displaying Within the Italian Parliament During the Period, the Political Organization Which Holds the Most Political Power Within Italy, Mussolini Dispatching Fascist Supporters to Dissuade Public Elector Ballets From Being Submitted, Mussolini’s Direct Instructions to These Supporters, the Reason This Strategy Was Effective to Dissuade Democratic Vote Submission, the Volume of Political Seats Mussolini Obtained by Using This Strategy, Italian Politician Giacomo Matteotti Demanding Mussolini’s Election Win be Nullified, Matteotti Being Assaulted Multiple Times by Mussolini’s Supporters, the Reason Matteotti Was a Threat to Mussolini, the Abduction and Death of Matteotti, the Discovery of Matteotti’s Remains, the Person Believed to be Directly Responsible for Matteotti’s Death, the Public Reaction to This Assassination, Mussolini’s Response to the Public Reaction of Matteotti’s Death, the Reason Mussolini Openly Associated Himself With the Assassination of Matteotti, Mussolini Adopting the Nickname “Il Duce” (the Leader), Mussolini Openly Declaring Dictatorship Within the Italian Parliament, Mussolini Removing the Judicial Judges Responsible for the Homicide Investigation of Matteotti and Providing Amnesty to All Involved Participants, Mussolini Dismantling Italy’s Democratic Institutions, Mussolini Dismantling Journalistic Freedom of the Media, Mussolini’s Development of a Covert Law Enforcement Organization, Italy Becoming a Police State During Mussolini’s Prime Ministership, the Sweeping Authority Provided to Law Enforcement, Mussolini Developing Political Policies to Help the Italian Public and Solidify Authority, Mussolini’s Control Over Italy by 1929, Mussolini Developing Indoctrination Programs to Ensure Continuance of Political Power, the Reason Political Propaganda is Taught to Adolescents, Mussolini Attempting to Convince the Italian Public That There is No Alternative to Fascism, Mussolini Attempting to Indoctrinate Adolescents With Pro-Fascist and Pro-Mussolini Textbooks, Mussolini Possessing Intense Control Over the Italian Public Education System, the Reason Mussolini Was Critical to the Rise of Fascism Within Italy, Italian Students Forced to Memorize The Fascist 10 Commandments, Mussolini’s Government Investing Greatly in Indoctrination of Adolescents, Mussolini Developing a Cult of Personality, the Benefit of Creating a Cult of Personality for Dictators, the Depictions of Mussolini During the Period, Mussolini Perfecting the Art of Interacting With an Audience, Mussolini Adopting New Technologies to Spread Propaganda, the View of Listening to Public Radio During the Period, German Chancellor Adolf Hitler Emulating Mussolini’s Dictatorial Strategies, Hitler Creating the Brown Shirt Law Enforcement Group, Mussolini Helping to Create the German Nazi Salute, the Relationship Between Mussolini and Hitler, the Major Problems of Italy During the Mid 1930’s, Mussolini Leveraging Conflict to Regain Absolute Control of Italy, the Reason Dictators Choose to Engage in Conflict, Mussolini Dictating the Arrival of a New Empire for Italy to Fulfil the Promise of Fascism, Western States Colonizing the Developing World During the 19th Century, the Reason Mussolini Was Cautious Before Invading Ethiopia, the Number of Italian Soldiers Sent to Invade Ethiopia, the Response of the Ethiopian State, Mussolini Leveraging the Scorched Earth Strategy During Conflict With Ethiopia, the Volume of Chemical Weaponry Used Upon the Ethiopian Public, the Response of Neighboring Nations During the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, the Conclusion of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, the Number of Wounded and Killed Italian Soldiers by the End of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, the Number of Wounded and Killed Ethiopians by the end of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, Hitler’s Reaction and View of the Second Italo-Ethiopian War, the Second Italo-Ethiopian War Emboldening Hitler to Capture Europe, Hitler Annexing Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland and the Result of This, Mussolini Attempting to Position Italy to Become the Supreme Power of the Mediterranean Sea, the Response of Italian Generals Toward Mussolini, Factions Emerging Within the Italian Facist Government, Italy Declaring War Upon England and France, the Dual Prong Attack Strategy of Mussolini to Control the Mediterranean Sea, the Response of the Grecian Military, the Italian Military Being Underprepared for Conflict With Fully Equipped Adversaries, the Reason Mussolini Underestimated Egypt and Greece, the Number of Italian Soldiers Killed During Conflict With Egypt and Greece, the Destruction of the Italian Military, the World View of Italy Post Conflict, the Allied Forces Invading Italy, the View of Allied Soldiers by the Italian Public, the Reason Mussolini Stopped Making Public Appearances, Mussolini Stopping All Radio Appearances, Military Leaders Meeting With Emmanuel III to Plot the Assassination of Mussolini, the Italian Public Realizing the Fallacy of Mussolini’s Propaganda, the Catalyst Event Which Caused Mussolini to Lose Control, the Coup d’Etat of Mussolini by the Fascist Grand Council, the Result of the Facist Grand Council’s Vote, the Reason the Wealthy Changed Their Position of Favor With Mussolini, Mussolini Being Placed Under House Arrest, the One Ally Mussolini Had During Arrest, Hitler Dispatching Soldiers into Italy to Defend Southern Germany, Hitler Commanding One of the Most Daring Rescue Missions of World War II, the Rescue of Mussolini, Mussolini’s First Words to Hitler Post Rescue, the New Relationship Formed by Mussolini and Hitler, Hitler Installing Mussolini as the Leader of Italian Territory Under German Control, Mussolini Acting as a Leader But Without Political Authority, the Collapse of Italy Under German Control, Mussolini and Italian Musician Clara Petacci (Mussolini’s Mistress) Fleeing Capture, the Choices Available to Mussolini as the Allied Forces Began to Dominate World War II, the Attempted Escape of Mussolini and Petacci into Austria, the Capture of Mussolini and Petacci, the Location Mussolini and Petacci Were Captured, the Disguise Utilized by Mussolini, the Trial and Sentence of Mussolini, Mussolini’s Corpse Placed on Display Within Milan, Italy, How Mussolini, Petacci, and Other High Ranking Government Officers’ Corpses Were Displayed for the Italian Public, the Reason Mussolini, Petacci, and Others Were Hung Upside Down Post Mortem, the Soldiers Who Cut Mussolini, Petacci, and Others Down, and the Conclusion of Mussolini’s 25 Year Reign

Benito Mussolini is often described as a buffoon, a miniature dictator who ruled in the shadow or Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, however contrary to popular belief that Hitler taught Mussolini everything he knew, the opposite is actually true. From undermining judges within the judicial system to indoctrinating minors, Mussolini pioneered and developed tactics and systems which other dictators would use to seize power; writing the blueprint for how to destroy a democracy. The son of a blacksmit...

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