American Gangster Al Capone’s Alcohol Deal with Authorities, Capone’s Charity for Children, Chicago, United States of America Being the Skyscraper Capital of the World, the Number of U.S. Slaves, the Simpsons Springfield Location, and Abraham Lincoln Defying 19th Century Convention to Play with His Children

While in his 20’s, Al Capone convinced authorities to allow him to manufacture non-alcoholic beer. When the authorities were done testing this non-alcoholic beer and were satisfied with its legitimacy, they would leave which allowed employees and friends of Capone to come into the room with a 60 cc syringe full of ethanol, that is, pure alcohol, which would be introduced to the beer making it alcoholic in its abilities. Capone donated $1,000,000 ($1 million) in milk to local schools who were ban...

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