Catholic Monarchs Destroying Islam Within Grenada, Spain, the Spanish Persecuting and Expelling Muslims From Spain, the End of 700 Years of Islam Within Spain, the Construction of the Alhambra Palace, the Etymology of “Alhambra”, the Reason the Alhambra is a Puzzling Enigma, the Method Spanish Emirate Monarch Mohammed ibn Yusuf Ben Nasr Used to Design the Alhambra and the Benefit of This Formula, How Geometric Triangles Were Used to Create Geometric Squares During the Design of the Alhambra, Everything Within the Alhambra Built Using This Geometric Method, the Connection of Mathematics Between Music and Architecture, the Origin of Islam, the Revelations Provided to Islamic Prophet Muhammad Becoming the Quran, the Reason Muhammad Founded Medina, Saudi Arabia, the Concept of “Ratzia” Between Middle Eastern Tribal Leaders, Islam Spreading Across the Middle East and North Africa, Islam Focusing Upon Territorial Expansion and Education, One of the First Revelations of Muhammad Being Related to Education, the Majority of Religions During the Era Seeking to Keep Knowledge Within the Control of Clerics, the Reason Literacy and Education Helped Propagate Islam, the Concept of Islamic “Madrasa”, Islamic Poem Reference Related to the Encouragement of Education, Islamic Knowledge Translated into Book Publications Allowing the Dissemination of This Information Internationally, Islam Embracing Science and Mathematics, Islamic Nomads Collecting Information From Disparate Cultures and Societies, the Reason the Arab’s Continually Learned From the Ancient Greeks, Various Ancient Greek Concepts Originating in Ancient Egypt, the Arab Invasion of Alexandria, Egypt Providing Islam Access to the Most Extensive Collection of Knowledge Within the World, the View of Western Texts Within the Middle East During the Era, Christians Skeptical of Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Pagan Texts, Ancient Roman Emperor Justinian I Closing Down All Athenian Educational Institutions of Philosophy to Combat the Threat of Paganism Toward Christianity, the Advent of the Astrolabe, the Use of the Astrolabe, How the Astrolabe Works, European vs Islamic Science During the Era, Subjective Evidence of Christian vs Islamic Medicine During the Era, Surgery Being Performed in Córdoba, Spain Centuries Before the Whole of Europe, the Most Famous Surgeon in Córdoba During the Era, Spanish Physician Albucasis Creating the Cassis Method of Tracheotomy, the Reason Many Impoverished People Could Read in Córdoba During the Era, the Reason Islam Promoted Education for All Practitioners, the Advent of Rent and Royalties, the Impact of These Concepts Upon Agricultural Workers, the Use of Royalties During the Modern Day, Spanish Caliph Abdul Rahman III Stepping into Power, Rahman III Declaring Himself the Caliph of Islam, Raman III Reshaping Islamic Spain to Become a Key Position of Power, Rahman III Building Medina Al-Zahra, How Rahman III Convinced Others That He Could Levitate, the 3 Cultures Which Developed End Rhyme Poetry by the 7th Century, the Importance of Poetry Within Islam, Raman III Focusing Upon the Arts Instead of State Security, the Reason Raman III’s Military Was Mercenary Based and the Problem With This, Raman III’s Mercenary Military Leading to the Collapse of the Caliphate Within Córdoba, Raman III Usurped by Jordanian Caliph al-Mansur, the Caliphate Dissolving During the Fitna of al-Andalus Civil War, the Caliphate Fracturing into Taifa States, and the Sacking and Plundering of Medina Al-Zahra

When Catholic monarchs took over the city of Grenada, Spain, they began to destroy all evidence of Islam. In the following century, the Spanish authorities persecuted and expelled 300,000 Muslims and burned as many as 1,000,000 (1 million) Arabic books. This put an end to 700 years of civilization which had flourished in Spain. The Alhambra Palace in Grenada is one of the most complete, Medieval palaces in the entire world. Alhambra Palace was built by the Muslim monarchs of Grenada in the 14th ...

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