The Cause of Hurricanes, the Cause of Fog, the Cause of Wind, the Cause of Lightning, the Concept of River Meanders, the Consequence of a River Meander Being Too Large, Transverse Sand Dunes vs Crescent, Barchan, and Star Sand Dunes, How Caves Form, the Reason Rain Water is Acidic, the Cause of Stalactites and Stalagmites, Ocean vs Sea, the Effect of the Sun and Moon Upon the Earth’s Tides, the Formation of Pangea, the Division of Pangea and the Consequences of This, the Formation of the Continents of the Modern Day, the Most Deadly Hunter Dinosaur of the Mesozoic Era, the Bite Strength of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Reason Bones Become Petrified, the Method Moss Uses to Absorb Water, the Method Most Plants and Trees Use to Absorb Water, the Reason Coniferous Trees Survive Subzero Temperatures, the Average Lifespan of Plants and Trees, the Method Plants Use to Manufacture Food, Invertebrates Dominating the World, the Benefit of Being an Invertebrate, the Most Succesful Animal Type Upon Earth, the Bizzare Portuguese Man of War Animal, the Largest Insect to Ever Exist, the Development of the First Winged Insects, Human Being Population vs Insect Population, Fish Comprising Half of All Vertebrates, the Amount of Time Possums Can Pretend to be Deceased, the Offensive and Defensive Tactics of the Scorpion, the Largest Water Plant Upon Earth, the Number of Dust Mites Within the Average Bed, Ants Learning to Farm Aphids, the Reason Hyenas Can Consume Bone, the Lifting Capability of Army Ants, the Sleeping Habits of Ants, the Tunneling Capabilities of the Mole, the Jumping Capability of the Red Kangaroo, the Fat Consistency of Whale Milk, the Size of a Blue Whale Heart, The Natural Chinese Earthquake Warning System, the Cause of Bee Buzzing, the Multitude of Facial Expressions Canines Can Make, Arachnids Cooperating to Create Webs, the Definition of a “Meteorite”, the Speed of Light Through Various Mediums, the Large Size of Russia, the First Person to Attempt Ascending Over Niagra Falls, the Number of Human Beings Born Daily, the Total Length of Blood Vessels Within the Human Body, the Average Number of Breaths Within a Lifetime, the Quantity of Natural Elements Within the Human Body, the Largest Predators Upon Earth, the Method Snakes Use to Breathe and the Way This Affects Consumption of Prey, the Animal With the Most Sensitive Whiskers, the Fire Detection Capability of the Jewel Wasp and the Reason for This Adaptation, the Length of Rail Road Track Within the U.S., Russia, and China, the Number of Books Held Within 1 Terabyte of Storage, the Number of Books Within the U.S. Library of Congress, the Evolution of Storage Technologies, the Increase in the Cost of Producing Videogames Since the 1980’s, Internet Access Around the World, the Random Access Memory Capability of the Apollo 11 Spacecraft, the First Created Website and the First Email Sent, the Expansion of the Eiffel Tower During Summer Months, the World’s Longest Bridge, the Density of Pure Gold, the Inability of Gold to Rust or Tarnish, the Majority of Gold Having Been Mined During the Modern Day and the Volume of Gold Within Sea Water, the Etymology of “Tsunami”, and the Composition of Termite Mounds


Hurricanes are caused by clusters of thunderstorm consolidating together, developing over warm, tropical seawater, typically in late summer. These storms merge together into a spiral shape to form the hurricane. Because their intense pressure draws in warm, moist winds, they spiral upward and spin faster. The rapidly rising air then cools, forming towering storm clouds and torrential rains. Fog forms when warm, moisture laden air is cooled by co...

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