The San Andreas Fault: The Technical Name for the San Andreas Fault, the Cause of the San Andreas Fault, the Geological Changes to North America After the Last Major San Andreas Fault Shift, the Effects of the North American Coastline Dropping Down, the Frequency of San Andreas Fault Shifts, the U.S. States Most Often Affected by the San Andreas Fault, and the Risk of the Next Large San Andreas Fault Shift

The San Andreas Fault is technically called the "Cascadius Subduction Zone". The cause of the San Andreas Fault is at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a 700 mile long crack in which a Pacific Ocean tectonic plate is trying to slide underneath the North American tectonic plate. Currently, the two plates are stuck in gridlock but in the year 1700 they did shift and the Pacific North American coastline dropped 6' down. Forests were covered in saltwater which in turn dried leaving salt and sand on t...

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