The Concept of Earthquake Magnitude, Earthquake Shockwaves Measured Around the World Far From Their Origin Source Point, the U.S. Measuring Kathmandu, Nepal Earthquake Shockwaves in 2015, and the Length of Time Needed for the Kathmandu Earthquake Shockwaves to Reach the U.S.

Magnitude refers to the size of an earthquake at its source, because it becomes less powerful as the shockwaves move away from the center and towards other countries. Every country which has a seismometer will pick up on the earthquake. When Nepal had its famous 7.8 earthquake in Kathmandu on April 25, 2015, the US was able to pick it up in Colorado which is where the US Geological Survey, often abbreviated as "USGS", center for seismology is. This occured 24 minutes after the earthquake itself ...

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