The Concept of an Etching, How Etchings are Created, the Problem With Etchings, the Number of Prints That Can Be Developed From 1 Copper Plate, the Concept of a “Second State” Etching, and the Scenario When the Original Artist and When Touch Up Artists Perform Work Upon the Copper Plate

Etchings are copper plates with wax on them. The original artist would use a pencil with a steel/iron tip to draw onto the wax which would make lines in the wax which would go down to the copper. After doing this, acid was poured over the wax which would sink into the groves and eat at the copper plate so that peaks and valleys for the ink to set into, would be created. Paper was then pressed against the copper plate, so that the ink would set on the paper like on sponge because the paper would ...

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