The Most Dangerous Mosquitos: The Danger of the Culex Mosquito, the Reason the Anopheles Mosquito is Not Dangerous in Canada, How Malaria Attacks the Human Body, the Location of the Aedes Mosquito, the Most Deadly Subset Mosquito of the Aedes Mosquito, and the Reason the Aedes Mosquito Becomes Deadly

The most dangerous mosquitos are Culex which transfers the west nile virus from birds to humans and Anopheles (pronounced "an-off-a-leez") which is the world's most dangerous as it transfers malaria. The Anopheles lives in Canada but has no Malaria host to transfer so it's not harmful in Canada. Malaria grows in the liver and attacks all at once when mature in the blood stream allowing for the next mosquito to becoming infected and transmit to more victims. Aedes (pronounced "a-deez") are found ...

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