The Concept of Geometric Progression, Some Human Beings Being Immune to the Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome Virus, the Decomposition of Nuclear Waste, Conflict Suspended in Ancient Greece Due to Sport, the Reason Middle C is 263 Hertz, Inaudible Frequencies for Human Beings, the Commonality Between the Colors Black and White, the Reason Rose Petals are Red, the Reason Flowers are Colorful, the Babylonian Creation Mythology Story, the Fate of the Expanding Universe, the Implications of Understanding the Expansion and Contraction of the Universe, and the Composition of Jupiter

A sequence of numbers in which each number doubles the previous number, expanding exponentially is referred to as a “geometric progression”. A small number of people are resistant to human immunodeficiency virus and therefore cannot contract acquired autoimmune deficiency syndrome. Nuclear waste decays exponentially because of its half-life, identical to the way that things increase exponentially. In Ancient Greece, during exhibition games, all wars were suspended with an armistice with the game...

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