The term “triage” is derived from the French term “trier” meaning “selection” and is suspected to have originated during the Napoleonic Wars from the work of Dominique-Jean Larrey. The term “triage” was used further during World War I by French doctors treating the battlefield wounded at aid stations behind the front. Those responsible for the removal of the wounded from a battlefield or their care afterwards would divide the victims into three categories with the first being those who are likely to live, regardless of the care they receive, the second being those who are unlikely to live, regardless of the care they receive, and the third being those for whom immediate care may have a drastic and/or positive difference in the final outcome of their ability to survive

Captain James Cook


Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy was a sea captain as well as a cartographer. Cook circumnavigated the bottom portion of South America and South Africa, in addition to discovering and mapping many different islands including New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, and Easter Island as well the fertile east coast of Australia, which he named New South Wales and claimed in the name of Britain. Cook also found islands which had yet to be explored in the Pacific Ocean, discovering new lands on a scale which until that point had not been performed. The maps Cook drafted were so precise that even during the 20th century, sailors were still using them up until the advent of satellite imagery. Additionally, Cook discovered the cure and prevention for scurvy by accidentally stumbling upon the answer after feeding his crew a diet which included orange extract and sauerkraut

The Invention of Barbed Wire


Barbed wire was invented during World War I and was designed to keep German troops from advancing their territory. Modern day barbed wire has 6” or more between each barb but during World War I, barbs were 1” – 2” apart, specifically designed to stop Germans soldiers from grabbing a piece and cutting into it. Razor wire, a similar yet different design, was also invented during World War I

German Hyperinflation


The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to pay reparations for causing World War I which was finally paid in full in 2010. Affected countries demanded gold, manufactured goods, and other means of back payment which collapsed the German economy. To fix this economic downturn the German government borrowed money and printed enormous amounts of currency which inevitably caused and lead to hyperinflation. In 1919, ℳ4.00 papiermarks would buy a loaf of bread, but by 1923, a loaf of bread cost ℳ650,000,000 (650 million) papiermarks. The value of money deteriorated so greatly that restrooms of establishments had to post signage asking patrons to use toilet paper instead of currency as the currency was clogging the toilets and plumbing system. The economic collapse of the German state allowed Adolf Hitler to rise to power and the depression experienced by Germany effectively guaranteed the occurrence of World War II

Stealth Aircraft Technology


Stealth aircraft are shaped and angled as such so that any signal bounced off of them bounces in a direction different than that of how it came in making Radio Detection and Ranging or Radio Direction And Ranging (RADAR) unable to ping and receive a signal back which makes stealth aircraft essentially invisible as they cannot be seen with the naked eye due to the incredible speed and height at which they travel, nor can it be tracked with technology

The Contradiction of Radical Islamic Terrorism


Radicalized Islamic terrorists and their supporters say that Jihad states in the Quran to “kill the un-believers, wherever you find them” which they use to justify terrorism and murder. In reality, they are twisting the actual words and context of the Quran. If read from front to back, reading Verse 1, and then after Verse 5, instead of only Verse 5, of Surah at-Tawbah, the Quran states [This is a declaration of disassociation, from Allah and his Messenger] “to those with whom you had made a treaty among the polytheists”, meaning “to the pagans you have drafted a treaty with”, “expected are those with whom you made a treaty among the polytheists” meaning that “the statement only applies to the pagans, not the polytheists who did not break the treaty and fight against Muslims, simply because they followed Islam”. The context is incredibly specific and only applies to a small group of individuals, but radicalized Islamic terrorists and their sympathizers, either purposefully or unknowingly (it doesn’t matter, as they are both incorrect) are going against the word of the Quran



The acronym S.O.S. does not stand for anything, contrary to popular belief. It is commonly believed that S.O.S stands for “save our souls” amongst other variations of this motif which eludes to a need for rescue, salvage, or salvation. The acronym S.O.S was invented during the early 20th century as it was simple to send via morse code which only requires the operator send “dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, and finally dot-dot-dot” to get their message of a need for help, across to another party