Vladimir Putin’s Rigged Democracy


Boris Yeltsin, a progressive politician and the father of modern Russian democracy, resigned and abdicated his presidency to prime minister Vladimir Putin in 1999. Putin speaks fluent German and understands English. During late 2011, over 100,000 Russian citizens showed up in protest of Putin’s administration. This protest was the largest demonstration since the Democratic Revolution in August of 1991. Social media played a large role in this revolt by providing evidence of fraud via smartphone video. Evidence included ballot stuffing which involved ballet boxes being stuffed before the polls opened, ballets hidden in the bathrooms of the polling station, campaign officials filling out ballot forms fraudulently, and erasable ink being provided to voters so that campaign officials could erase and rewrite the submitted vote in favor of Putin. Were it not for compact smartphone video cameras and social media which allowed for the instantaneous uploading of captured footage, the chance of this information ever becoming public was slim at best as all evidence gathered was collected spontaneously before campaign officials had a chance to react and prevent further inquiry

Modernity in Turkey


Turkey was set up and designed to be a liberal state, a moderate force within the Islamic world, and because of this, traditional Turkish values were kept out of politics for centuries. Turkey is a nation caught between the secular west and Islamic east and because of this, it has changed considerably over the past few decades with its once fairly liberal government now discouraging alcohol and other various western ideals, driving the industries which once existed in Turkey like vineyards and breweries, to dwindle into obscurity because of the cultural shift. Turkey’s once secular government has now become largely ruled by a religious Islamic majority causing Turks to worry that they will soon join the ranks of other Islamic countries which are ruled by fear and religious ideology

Abraham Lincoln Ending Slavery


Abraham Lincoln very much wanted to end slavery in the United State of America but he was rational enough to assume that doing so would require more than simply becoming president and signing its abolishment into law. The American Civil War was not fought to end slavery. It was fought to stop the rebellion and secession of slave states from the United States of America. The Southern states wanted to secede from the Northern states because they understood that Lincoln was going to work to end slavery with or without their support, during his presidency. However, even after ending the long and arduous American Civil War, slavery still thrived in the Southern states. The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution, ultimately ended the practice of slavery and slave trading. As the American Civil War was waning and it became apparent that the Confederacy would indefinitely lose to the Northern states, Lincoln fought hard to have Congress pass the 13th Amendment, so that it would be added to the United States of America Constitution. He signed it into law after the American Civil War ended, and doing so effectively ended slavery in the United States of America on December 6, 1865. Incidentally, the 13th Amendment passed the Senate on April 8, 1864 but was not signed into official law being that it is now part of the United States of America Constitution until 1865 

Roger Stone


The term “super pac” is an acronym which stands for “political action committee”. The idea was created by political mastermind Roger Stone in the 1970’s, as a way to help boost a Republican presidential candidates chances of winning the presidential election. Stone created many concepts in politics including using fear as a motivational tactic to vote for the opposition, using dirty tricks so long as they were legal to help smear a rival candidate therefore boosting the opposition’s chances of winning, and promoting a candidate by advertising smear campaign advertisements on television. Stone understood that half truths and distortions were the most powerful tools within his disposal because when he was a child he promoted John F. Kennedy within his elementary school mock election and debate by spreading the rumor that Richard Nixon wanted to extend the school week an extra day by having children attend school on Saturday. The trick worked and it was at that moment that Stone realized he wanted to create a career in politics instead of cinema

Indian and Pakistani Borders

India-Pakistan-borderBangladesh was once referred to as East Pakistan and modern day Pakistan was referred to as West Pakistan, both being satellite states of India. West Pakistan imposed harsh laws upon East Pakistan including the forcible changing of the national language to Urdu and the forbidding of listening to radio news, most especially the British Broadcasting Network. Bangladesh eventually broke free and gained its independence in 1971

Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill took up painting in his middle age, and painted over 500 canvases during the last 50 years of his life. Churchill preferred to paint bright landscapes and dark portraits. Churchill worked as a government minister during World War I, and played a crucial role in spearheading the Dardanelles campaign which unfortunately failed miserably causing over 200,000 allied soldiers to lose their lives. Churchill soon after resigned from his position within the government and enlisted in the British military to go and fight on the Western Front. It was in the brief interlude between enlisting and visiting the Hell of Flanders, that Churchill began to paint. Churchill struck and maintained friendships with many painters who he spent time learning techniques from. Churchill hated being disturbed whilst painting and was one to bellow out at whoever was barging in, including his beloved grandchildren. Churchill was born to the aristocracy but never had much income of his own, yet he dreamed of becoming a millionaire. Churchill wrote many short stories and journals amongst other publications but only 1 fictitious romantic novel called “Savrola”, which was written in his early 20’s. The book garnered terrible reviews which forced Churchill to recede back into writing non-fiction. Churchill only painted on a single occasion during World War II, which he did in Marrakech, Morocco. Churchill brought Franklin Roosevelt and gave him the painting he created as a gift

George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished”


Former President George W. Bush declared “Mission Accomplished” on May 1, 2003 in reference to the Iraq war. This stunt was admitted to being a publicity stunt by Bush’s former White House staff. The entire scenario was manufactured to show former President Bush in a flight suit with a helmet underneath his arm and was purposely shot 50 kilometers off of the coast of San Diego so that the shoreline could not be seen and it would look as though former President Bush flew out to the middle of the ocean