Iconic Japanese Artists and the Culture Which Developed Them





Iconic Japanese Artists and the Culture Which Developed Them
Anthony Ambrosius Aurelius

“Japanese mythology accounts that the creation of Earth and its ecosystems began with a dark, primordial ocean. 2 young god’s named Izanagi (pronounced “ee-zah-nah-gee”) and Izanami (pronounced “ee-zah-nah-mee”) looked across the void before them and began to see potential prompting them to plunge a spear into the dark abyss of the endless ocean and stirring repeatedly. When Izanagi and Izanami removed the spear from the water, it dripped drops of water from its tip back into the ocean, forming archipelagos, and together, these groups of islands formed the entire landmass of the Earth.

The gods entitled this creation “Oyashi-ma-kuni” which means the “land of 8 great islands” in Japanese but Japan is referred to as “Nihon” during the modern day which means the “land of the rising sun” in Japanese.

Japan is one of the most densely populated places in the world, with most people living far away from nature, yet an astonishing 73% of Japan is uninhabited wilderness, with mountain regions so steep and forests so thick that human beings can barely penetrate them to setup settlement.

Japan contains 10% of the worlds active volcanos, existing upon a knifes edge of survival and catastrophe due to constant volcanic and seismic earthquake activity, with a staggering 1500 earthquakes per year.

The Japanese have revered nature for millennia and this reverence has overtime built into the religion of Shintoism, which is not a religion in the traditional sense as Shintoism has no founder and no scripture, and for centuries went on practiced without a formal name. The holiest location for Shintoism is Ise, Japan (pronounced “ee-say”) toward the southern Japan upon the island of Honshu.

Practitioners of the Shinto faith believe that the world is inhabited by spirits referred to as “kami”, energies which are all around the world of the living. Shinto practitioners believe that kami live.”

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