Immunologist Jim Allison: The Potential Cure for Cancer





Immunologist Jim Allison: The Potential Cure for Cancer
Anthony Ambrosius Aurelius

“The immune system circulates within the circulatory system to protect the body from disease. At the center of the immune system is the T cell, a type of leukocyte which respond against bacterial and viral infections to keep a host healthy. Allison was aware that an enzyme entitled “asparaginase” (pronounced “ah-spare-ah-gin-aise”) was known to send childhood leukemia into remission. Strangely, children became cured for some undetermined length of time and then the leukemia virtually always found its way back into that child’s system. Allison started studying the effects of asparaginase upon laboratory rats and had success in halting and reversing cancer damage which convinced him that the immune system plays an important role in responding to cancer.

T cells determine between threatening and non-threatening cells within the body by leveraging a molecule upon their surface of all cells referred to as the “T cell receptor”. It was unclear however during the 1970’s and 1980’s how this receptor worked which is why every major immunology laboratory in the world was working upon unlocking this problem. Because of the multiple competing theories which were complicated and convoluted, Allison decided to stop paying attention to scientific literature and start approaching the problem from his own perspective, choosing to opt for his own motivations in place of modern scientific convention. Over the course of a few months, Allison applied the latest genetic engineering techniques to examine his hypothesis as to how the T cell system works. Allison soon identified the molecule of the T cell which recognizes targets and presented his findings via a poster board at a scientific consortium in California, United States of America.

Allison was the first person to successfully isolate and purify the molecule which recognizes everything including infectious disease, parts of the body itself which takes place in auto-immune disease, and other innocuous substances within the body be they foreign or not.”

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