Network Graph Theory Part I: The Theory of Everything in the Universe





Network Graph Theory Part I: The Theory of Everything in the Universe
Anthony Ambrosius Aurelius

“The rise of a number of large technology companies have produced empires, enormously enriching their founders. This occurred because the empire builders of Silicon Valley understood that the internet could not remain decentralized forever and that a few nodes within the network would become super hubs. The rise of these network platforms (e.g. Google, Facebook, eBay etc.) illustrates one of the fundamental laws of Network Theory; to those that have, more shall be given.

For Facebooks 15th anniversary, Mark Zuckerberg released a blog post describing the intent of social networks and how they are designed to empower individuals and create a more connected world in which traditional institutions and hierarchies of governments, media, and religion are subject to being challenged.

Zuckerberg was essentially repeating the same message distributed by early internet pioneers who developed the decentralized technology of the internet to challenge the existing systems of mass telecommunications (e.g. television networks which are concentrated powers of central hubs).

These pioneers believed that cyberspace would be outside of and therefore immune to the oppression of corporations and governments. The idea was to supplant this traditional model with a decentralized modern model populated by netizens instead of the few, powerful, elite.

History has often witnessed collisions and conflict between centralized hierarchies and decentralized networks, with the example of the printing press allowing dissident religious networks to challenge the authority of the world’s most powerful organization, the Catholic Church.

Due to the fact that for centuries a multitude of small, independent printing press workshops continued to remain in operation, the printing of information remained a relatively democratic process and decentralized communication technology.”

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