The Duality of the Left and Right Hemispheres of the Human Brain





The Duality of the Left and Right Hemispheres of the Human Brain
Anthony Ambrosius Aurelius

“The two hemispheres of the human brain have contrasting views of the world, both seeing and prioritizing distinct things in different ways, with a different set of values. The left hemisphere has evolved to help human beings manipulate things within their environment whilst the right hemisphere has evolved to help human beings relate to and understand concepts as a whole. Both sides are fundamental to interacting with the world, but also a paradox as each one is incompatible with its counterpart.

Modern civilization would be considered to have right hemisphere damage in comparison to earlier human ancestors as human beings have been forced to pay a price to gain information and education at the expense of emotional intelligence. This evolutionary model has made human beings enormously powerful, with technologies which can now reach out and touch other planetary systems, create vast interconnected systems and networks, constitute wealth and order within society etc., but this has also caused civilization to treat the planet and the people who live upon it, as extractable commodity resources which has the potential to destabilize the human race and its ability to survive on this planet.

Modern society has taken bodies of work from antiquity which were unique and implicit and transformed them into works which are now generalized and explicit, causing these works to fall flat, akin to a joke which must be explained. Works of art are embodied beings, not only thought which has encounters with the brain, but also the body, however this concept has been lost upon modern civilization as the mind body connection has been severed because of the modern world and the technologies it has produced.

In the early years of modern medicine, particularly the 1960’s, it was believed that creating a partition between the two halves of the brain could prevent those who suffered from epilepsy experiencing fully uncontrolled, unconscious, vibratory seizures. The idea was that if a seizure which started on one side, could not pass to the other, the seizure would be localized and therefore still present as a seizure, but as a much lighter version of what it potentially was intended to be, allowing a person to remain conscious and without extreme tremors. By splitting”

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