The Hidden Underground World of Trees and Bees





The Hidden Underground World of Trees and Bees
Anthony Ambrosius Aurelius

“The mycelium, an ancient, subterranean, world wide web, one which connects all pieces together through a vast and highly complex neural network, exists right below ground level of the world’s forests. This mycelium network is effectively a hidden matrix which has the ability to intercommunicate as an interactive and dynamic organism which has agency and the power to influence events above ground. This collaboration exists between fungi, plants, bacteria, and animals, with 90% of all trees upon Earth involved in this mutually beneficial relationship made possibly solely by mycelium. The exchange of nourishment and nutrients, messages, and empathy can be communicated across species and even across the various kingdoms of life.

Mushrooms act as the reproductive organs of mycelium, and to observe a mushroom in the forest is to receive confirmation that the great natural internet is actively engaged and ongoing beneath the surface of the forest floor. Some mushrooms spread trillions of spores with the wind, with these new segments of mycelium searching for water and planting roots, returning to the underworld and linking up to the network once again.

When a tree is cut down in the forest, surrounding trees reach out to the victim with their root tips and send life saving sustenance, valuable commodities like water, sugar, and other nutrients, all made possible solely because of the mycelium. This form of aide can keep a tree stump alive for decades, even centuries in some cases. Perhaps most astonishing, trees don’t only provide this refuge for their own species, crossing between classes in an effort to keep them alive for the mutual benefit of the forests various ecosystems (e.g. animals, trees, microscopic organisms like bacteria etc.). Trees instinctively understand that their lives are dependent upon the survival of the forest as a whole and because of this, trees have the ability to think or know long term consequences and benefits, something which human beings struggle with as the human mind is wired to seek out short term gains (e.g. food, pleasure, financial capital etc.).”

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