The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund and its Relation to Ethical Investing and World Markets





The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund and its Relation to Ethical Investing and World Markets
Anthony Ambrosius Aurelius

“The global financial system is at a nexus between short term traders vs. long term investors, greed and quick profits vs. responsibility and sustainability, artificial intelligence vs. human intuition. For decades, the world’s financial markets have been dominated by those who seek short term gain, and it has been said that governments don’t rule the world, the financial industry and its collectives do (e.g. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan & Chase etc.). Thus far, finance has been part of the problems which face the world but it is believed that it can also be part of the solution.

Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund, the largest collective fund in the world, holds more than $1,000,000,000,000 ($1 trillion) in assets, making each of Norway’s 5,300,000 (5.3 million) citizens worth Kr 1,500,000 (Kr 1.5 million) upon paper. This contingency was developed in the 1990’s as a pensionary fund for all Norwegian citizens to draw from during old age.

Finance is a tremendous tool in that it can allow for the management of time and space, in that an individual or group can build something today, without the funds to do so, reimburse the financier with the proceeds of the investment, and still make a profit.

Sovereign wealth funds are beginning to invest the surplus of nation state’s wealth and are observe a specialized position which permit these states to think 30 years ahead, with the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund acting as a primary example of this.

The world’s top 10 sovereign wealth funds are owned by Norway, China, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China once again, Singapore, Qatar, and China once more, in that exact order with the largest being worth $1,002,000,000,000 ($1 trillion) and the smallest being worth $295,000,000,000 ($295 billion).

Multiple non-government organizations follow the worlds wealth funds as constant criticism of non-ethnical investment choices are pointed out all around the world. The Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund is the world’s largest state owned fund and is owned by the people of Norway,”

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