The Strategy, Tactics, and Ability of Amazon to Take Over and Control Commerce Worldwide





The Strategy, Tactics, and Ability of Amazon to Take Over and Control Commerce Worldwide
Anthony Ambrosius Aurelius

“Amazon has 17 square kilometers of fulfillment centers, the equivalent of 5 Central Parks in New York City, United States of America. Every year Amazon adds 3.5 square kilometers of new fulfillment, the equivalent of 1 Central Park per year.

Shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, David Elliot Shaw hired a group of brilliant young financial experts and scientists to create a future in which technology would be harnessed for finance. Among this group was Jeff Bezos.

Shaw developed the first internet incubator, hiring many people who held doctorate degrees, including computer scientists, physicists, and financial experts; collecting a wide array of talented people with varying expertise. Shaw understood that the internet was experiencing a period of transition from academia to business.

In 1993, web traffic growth spiked considerably with Bezos famously stating “nothing grows this fast”. Bezos had the idea to sell books online but Bezos was not Shaw’s only visionary as other members of the team foreseen online brokerages for the financial industry among other prospects.

It has been argued that Amazon would not exist were it not for Shaw. Bezos’ decision to leave New York City, and the high paying job he once had with Shaw, was the turning point in his life as it lead to the development of Amazon, the worlds most trusted and dominant corporate brand.

Bezos’ mother Jacklyn Bezos pleaded with her son to keep his job with Shaw and to work on Amazon as a side project but Bezos refused to comply, traveling across the U.S. to settle in Seattle, United States of America. Bezos started in a garage with a bell programmed to sound itself every time a book sale was made. This bell was shut down fairly soon afterwards as too many sales poured in once Amazon had gone live, with an almost constant ringing sound playing.”

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