The Cultural Practice of Polyandry in Tibet


Polyandry occurs in various cultures around the world, the practice involving a single wife with multiple husbands. Polyandrous relationships often involve men who know eachother (e.g. siblings, extended family, or friends). The harsh mountain existence of Tibet has driven parts of Tibet to engage in this practice, with multiple adults needed within a household to ensure survival

The Origin of Shangri-La, China


The village of “Shangri-La” was created by an author for a novel which depicted the Chinese province of Zhongjian as a land of harmony on the slopes of the Himalaya. The Chinese government adopted the name Shangri-La in 2001. The name “Shangri-La” was based off of the city in Zhongjian Province called “Zhongdian” which translated in the local dialect to “Hell life after death”. The local people are referred to as the “Naxi” (pronounced “na-shi”) which means “the people who worship the black things of the nation”. These people are suspected to have migrated from deep Tibet during the 3rd century