Ancient Greece: Ocean Length From Any Point in Greece, Greece’s Coastline to Land Ratio, the Etymology of “Copper”, the Modern Day Location of Cyprus, the Etymology of the “Minoans”, Ancient Greek King Minos’ Labyrinth and Minotaur, the Long Investment of Olive Trees in Ancient Greece, the Minoan Script of Linear A, the Mycenaean Language of Linear B and the First Greeks, the Oldest Fragment of Writing in Europe, and the Unification of States Due to Writing Created for Bureaucracy

Regardless of where one is standing in Greece, they are never further than 80 kilometers from the ocean. With it’s inlets and islands, Greece has one of the highest proportions of coastline to land area on Earth. The majority of copper in ancient Greece was sourced from Cyprus, which is where the term “copper” comes from as it is stemmed from the term “kypros”. The region of Cyprus is modern day Afghanistan. Little is known about the Minoans from the island of Crete. Archeologists refer to the M...

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