Animal Product/Byproduct Based Diet vs Plant Based Diet: The Annual Expenditure of the U.S. Healthcare System, the U.S. Paying More for Healthcare Per Person Than Any Other Industrialized Nation, the Death Rate of Cardiac Disease Within the U.S., the Number of People Who Undergo Cardiac Bypass Surgery Annually Within the U.S., the 1950’s Study Within the Philippines to Increase Nutrition in Children, the Correlation Between Animal Products and Liver Cancer, the Cause of Liver Cancer When Consuming Animal Products, the Correlation Between Dairy Products and Cancer, the German Nazi’s Confiscating All Livestock After Invading Norway, the Norwegian Publics Adaptation to This Problem, Cardiac Disease Related Death Decreasing in Norway During World War II, the Largest Reduction of Cardiac Disease in History, the Correlation Between Animal Products/Byproducts and Cardiac Disease, the Value of Protein Required by Human Beings, the Majority of Cancer Caused by Lifestyle Choices, Nutrients Within Animal Products Helping to Promote the Growth of Carcinogenic Cells (Tumors), Nutrients Within Plant Products Helping to Suppress the Growth of Carcinogenic Cells, the Stretch and Density Receptors of the Human Stomach, the Value of Plant Calories Required to Activate These Sensors, the Value of Animal Product Calories Required to Activate These Sensors, the Value of Oil Calories Required to Activate These Sensors, the Motivational Triad Which Governs All Animal Behavior, the Reason the Human Brain Signals the Body to Consume Sweet and Fatty Foods, the Reason Processed Foods Become Addictive, American Physician Caldwell Esselstyn’s Study of Cardiac Disease, the Results of Esselstyn’s Cardiac Disease Study, the Reason Plant Based Diets Are More Effective Than Medication and Surgery, the Volume of Endothelial Cells Found Within Young Adults, the Role of Endothelial Cells Within the Human Body, Western Diet Damaging and Reducing Endothelial Cell Production, the Best Method to Reverse This Damage, Esselstyn Co-Producing a Study With American Biochemist Colin Campbell, Esselstyn Removing Dairy Products From the Study, the Publication of Esselstyn and Campbell’s Nutritional Study Conclusion, the Lack of Warning Prior to Myocardial Infarction Statistic, the Number of Patients Within Esselstyn and Campbell’s Nutritional Study Alive During the Modern Day, the Correlation Between Dairy Products and Hip Fractures, the Reason Dairy Products Can Cause Osteoporosis, the Benefit of Low Fat and No Fat Milk in Comparison to Full Fat Milk, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Promoting Animal Products and Animal Byproducts, the Reason the U.S. Department of Agriculture Promotes Animal Products and Animal Byproducts, the Recommended Diet Within the U.S. During the 1950’s, the Replacement of This Dietary Model During the 1990’s, Additional Modifications Implemented for the Updated Dietary Model of the 1990’s, the Purpose of the National Academy of Science, the National Academy of Science Becoming Increasingly Funded by Corporate Private Equity, the Reason Private Equity Creates Bias Within the National Academy of Science, Animal Product and Animal Byproduct vs Plant Product Production Efficiency, the Volume of Land Destroyed Within the Amazon Rainforest, Redistributing Grain Destined for Cattle to Human Beings to Resolve Food Instability Worldwide, the Correlation Between Livestock and Cardiac Disease, and the Financial Cost of Chronic Illness Within the U.S. Statistic

The US spends $2,200,000,000,000 ($2.2 trillion) annually on healthcare, 5x what the national defence budget is. The US also pays more per person in terms of healthcare, than any other country in the industrialized world. Every minute, 1 person in the US died of cardiac disease. 500,000 people in the US undergo cardiac bypass surgery every year, costing approximately $100,000 each equating to a $50,000,000,000 ($50 billion) strain on the US healthcare budget. During the 1950’s, studies were perf...

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