Plant Based Diet vs. Animal Product Diet: Death Statistics, the Link Between Disease and Wealth Throughout History, Traditional Diets Near the Equator, the Disproportion Between Hunters and Gatherers and its Effect Upon Diet, the Reason Plant Based Diets Provide Enough Protein, the Correlation Between Protein, Cholesterol, and Free Radicals, Various Forms of Protein, Societies With Low Meat Intake Having Better Health Than Their Counterparts Who Do Consume Protein, the Problem With Milk Consumption, Antibiotic Usage in Chickens, the Meaning of “Essential Acid”, Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids, Omega Fatty Acids Correlated with Diabetes and Various Cancers, Erectile Dysfunction Related to Meat Consumption, the Financial Cost of Obesity, Vitamins and Supplements Not Manufactured by the Body, and Child Growth Height Linked to Plant Based Diets

Statistically speaking, 27% of people die from cardiac disease, 25% from cancer, 10% from a cerebral vascular accident, 5% from diabetes, and 5% from Alzheimer’s dementia. Throughout history, the wealthiest people suffered from the most illness, which is now understood because of modern medicine to be directly linked to their ability to consume animal products. Traditionally, those who lived near the equator throughout history survived on diets which were primarily starches based in that they co...

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