Ancient Egypt: Earth Tilt Causing Weather Fluxuations in Egypt, Nabta Playa; the Oldest Calendar Discovered, the Earliest Forms of Writing, Ancient Egypt’s Oldest Document Which Teaches Statecraft, the Total Number of Pharaohs, the Importance of the Northern Stars to the Ancient Egyptians, and the Building of the Great Pyramids of Giza

10,000 years ago, gravity tilted the entire Earth off of its entire axis by approximately 0.5 degrees which shifted the climate near Egypt. The stone circle found at the site of Nabta Playa in Egypt is approximately 7000 years old making it the oldest calendar ever uncovered from ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptians used calendars like the Nabta Playa stone circle calendar to predict weather forecasts. The stones are aligned with the circumpolar stars of the night sky, stars which are visible al...

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