The Massive Cane Toad Problem of Australia Due to Human Beings Meddling With Nature, Unforeseen Complications of Human Intervention, Illegal Migrant Detention Length in Australia, Detained Migrants Self-Harming, the Box Jellyfish Being the Most Venomous Animal in the World, Scientists Studying Venom to Create New Medications, Indigenous Australian Reduced Life Span, the Great Barrier Reef’s Marine Life, Farming Aiding the Destruction of Reefs, and the Crown of Thorn Seastar Thriving

Cane toads were introduce to eastern Australia from the Americas during the 1930’s in the hopes that they would eat beetles which were destroying fields of sugar cane. The cane toad became widespread throughout Australia due to its defence mechanism of a toxin which is secretes from glands found upon its back. No indigenous Australian animal seems to be immune to this toxin which is why the cane toads population count has grown massively out of control. The toxin is so potent that even large pre...

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