The Taser and Law Enforcement: The Number of People Tasered Daily and the Number of Taser Deaths Post 2014, How the Taser Works, the Length of Time Each Taser Blast Yields, the Maximum Target Distance Within Reach of the Taser, the Legality and Illegality of Taser Subjects, Taser International Leading Taser Research, and Tasers Killing Victims Days After Being Subjected to a Taser

500 people are tasered each day in North America and since its development and release in the early 2000's, 400 North Americans have died due to its 50,000 volt jolt as of 2014. The taser causes neuromuscular incapacitation more commonly known as muscle lock. Two probes are shot out and spread approximately 2' apart (ideally in the lower mass region below the abdomen and upper chest area) on an 8 degree angle. A single tase lasts 5 seconds but multiple tases can be fired at the discretion of the...

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