19th Century New York City, United States of America Living Conditions, Insects Propagating Disease, American Physician Stephen Smith’s Discovery of Typhus Epicenters, Human Excrement “Night Soil”, Various Methods Butchers Used to Retail Expired Meat Products, American Writer Upton Sinclair’s Shocking Expose of Food Preparation Conditions and the Development of the Food and Drug Administration as a Direct Result, The Infamous Mary “Typhoid Mary” Brown, Danish-American Journalist Jacob Riis’ Shocking Photography of Poverty During the 19th Century, Horse Manure Helping Push Development of Motorized Vehicles, the Reason Gasoline Powered Vehicles Supplanted Electric Vehicles, and American Mechanical and Chemical Engineer Thomas Midgley Jr.’s Idea to Add Lead to Gasoline to Make it Less Flammable and His Discovery of Chlorofluorocarbons Which Created the Hole in the Ozone Layer

New York City, United States of America is the largest and wealthiest city in the US. Built upon the Atlantic trade routes, for 400 years New York City has been the bridge between Europe and the new world. Apartments in New York City were often lived in by 2 families, sometimes with livestock, and the units doubled as a workspace during the day to produce goods like clothing during the 19th century. Cockroaches, bed bugs, and perhaps worst of all, body lice which spread typhus which is a disease...

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