Nanjie, China the Last Communist Collective in China: Chairman Mao Zedong’s Vision of China, Improvements in Chinese Education and Healthcare, Groceries Free of Charge, Mao’s Cultural Revolution and Red Guard, the End of Marxism and the Beginning of Chairman Deng Xiaoping’s Regime, and China’s 4 Generations Idiom

As of 2016, Nanjie, China (pronounced “nan-juh”) is the last communist collective in China, still run as a workers cooperative, providing a distant feel of Mao Zedong’s brave new world. This new world was to be based upon new values, doing away with centuries of stifling Confucian tradition. China was to be organized into collective farms and work brigades. Mao is quoted as saying “our economy will overtake Britain in a few years”. All of this was directed by the ridged and secretive Communist P...

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