Polish Composer Fryderyk Chopin: Chopin’s Singular Writing Style, His Fear of Being in Public, Years Spent as a Piano Teacher for Aristocratic Children, Large Fortunes Spent Upon Personal Image, Polar Opposite Spouse Lucile Aurore Dupin (George Sand) and Her Children, and His Strange Post Mortem Request

Despite his love of opera, quartets, concertos, and symphonies, Fryderyk Chopin decided to write sonatas for just the piano, a single instrument with a single performer. Chopin was the most pianistic of all composers despite never having a true piano teacher. Chopin loathed appearing in public and did everything he could to try and stay out of the public lime light. Chopin realized that he could teach piano for a living and started charging serious sums of money as his reputation rose up from th...

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