American vs. Russian Deaths During World War II, the Trans-Siberian Railway, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Political Popularity, the Size of the Russian Mafia, Russian Religious Cults, Alcohol Related Deaths in Russia, Shamans vs. physicians in Russia, Minority Groups in Russia, Cossack Nationalist Values, the World’s Second Largest Population of Migrants, and Dagestan, Russia Being the Area with the Highest Volume of Terrorist Attacks

It is estimated that for every 1 American who died during World War II, 80 Russians died as the Russian Front lay witness to some of the most horrific battles of the entire war. The Trans-Siberian Railway stretches 9600 kilometers and crossed through a staggering 7 time zones. Vladimir Putin enjoys as reported popularity rating of approximately 80% of the country, with the largest majority of this group being young Russians. It’s unclear as to how accurate these poll number are however as the Ru...

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