The Color Orange Not Existing in Britain Until the 1540’s, Slavery Causing the Price of Sugarcane to Plummet, Tudor Period Sugar, Tudor Dental Care and the Lack of Understanding That Caused Further Enamel Damage, the Reason Sugar Can Become Addictive, the Reason Tooth Decay Can Become Dangerous to Health, the Tudor Invention of the Fireplace and Chimney to Replace the Central Hearth, the Tudors Leveraging Mathematics to Ensure Chimneys Ventilated Properly, the Composition of Smoke, the Problems With Thatched Roofing and Brick Chimneys, the Reason the Tudors Often Died While Bathing and the Problem of Wool Clothing, Dissection Being Illegal But Permitted by English King Henry VIII

The British did not have a name for the color orange until the 1540’s because previous to that period, no one had ever seen anything orange before. Sugar was incredibly expensive before the 1500’s when slavery became abundant which drove the price of sugar down as slavery made the harvesting of sugar cane much more affordable. During the Tudor period sugar arrived to Europe in cone shaped blocks which would have to be cut and ground down using a pestle and mortar. Sugar was referred to as “white...

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