King Henry VIII: Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII’s 6 Wives, and Henry VIII’s Love of Sport and How This Forever Changed Him – The First Monarch to Live Within Hampton Court Palace, the Residence of Henry VIII’s 6 Wives, the Original Intent of Hampton Court Palace, the Number of Palaces Owned by Henry VIII, the Completion Date of Hampton Court Palace, the Length of Time Spanish Queen Catherine of Aragon Was Married to Henry VIII, the Number of People Within Henry VIII’s Court, the Reason Henry VIII Had Multiple Fires Within Every Roasting Room of Hampton Court Palace, the Reason Meat Cooks Were Provided Unlimited Beer Each Day, the Beer Allowance of Ordinary Workers Within Henry VIII’s Court, the Volume of Beer Henry VIII’s Court Consumed Per Week, the Age When Henry VIII Became King of England, the Height of Henry VIII, Henry VIII Meeting English Queen Ann Boleyn, the Physical Description of Boleyn, the Personality Description of Boleyn, the Second Most Powerful Person Within England During the Period, the Reason English Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain Thomas Wolsey was Terminated From Henry VIII’s Court, the Method Used to Divide and Manage Property During the 16th Century, The Modern Day Equivalent of This Archaic System, Henry VIII’s Favorite Sport, the Symbology of Armor During the Period, the Decorative Embellishment of Arms and Armor to Display Wealth, Henry VIII’s Greatest Injury, Boleyn Experiencing a Miscarriage Post Accident, Henry VIII’s Personality Forever Changed Post Accident, the Medical Problem Which Aggravated Henry VIII’s Health, Henry VIII Suffering From Traumatic Brain Injury Post Accident, the Reason Hampton Court Palace Displays Small Heads Within the Roof Rafters and the Etymology of “Eavesdropping”, the Criminal Accusations Levied Against Boleyn, the Training Specialty of Executioners During the Period, the First Attempt of Boleyn’s Execution, Henry VIII Ordering a Specialist Executioner to Execute Boleyn, Henry VIII Removing Virtually All Traces of Boleyn From Hampton Court Palace, Henry VIII Marrying English Queen Jane Seymour, the Cost of Henry VIII’s Luminescent Tapestries Crafted for the Birth of English King Edward VI, the Death of Seymour, the Physical Size of Henry VIII, Henry VIII’s View of German Queen Anne of Cleves, Anne Providing Henry VIII a Divorce in Exchange for Lifetime Care, the Disparate Age of Henry VIII and English Queen Catherine Howard, the Execution of Howard, the Method Used to Display Heads Upon Pikes During the Period, Henry VIII’s Final Marriage, the Death of Henry VIII, the Reopening of Hampton Court Palace During the 17th Century, Hampton Court Palace vs the Palace of Versailles, the Reason Dutch King William III Constructed Half of His Original Vision for Hampton Court Palace, the Reason William III Was Often Forced to Make Public Appearances, the Ascendance of German King George II, the Mistreatment George II and German Queen Caroline of Ansbach (George II’s Wife) Forced Upon German Prince of Wales Frederick (George II and Caroline’s Son), the Historical Description of Georgian Monarchs Who Were Parents, the Outcome of George II and Caroline’s Elder Years, the Grandchild of George II and Caroline, and No Monarch Living Within Hampton Court Palace Since George II

King Henry VIII lived in Hampton Court Palace and was the first royal monarch to live within its walls. All 6 of Henry VIII’s wives lived within Hampton Court Palace during their time spent with Henry. The palace was initially built for Henry Tudor as a pleasure palace, a place where he could hunt game and hold large banquets. Henry Tudor had between 50 – 60 palaces. Completed in 1515, the newly built palace was the pinnacle of style and technology. Catherine of Aragon was with Henry VIII for ne...

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