Women’s Rights Throughout History: The Difference Between Polygamy and Polygyny, the Reason for Marriage Within the Various Socioeconomic Classes Throughout History, the Reason Women Became Sexually Subjugated With the Advent of Agriculture, the Connection Between Agriculture and Wealth Throughout History, Patrilineal vs. Matrilineal Society, Women Playing an Increasingly Smaller Role in Day to Day Life as Time Progressed, the Reason Virginity Became Valued by Men, Incan Societal Marriage Practices for Wealthy Men and Why This Greatly Affected Impoverished Men, Arab and South Asian Views of Infidelity and Expectations of Women and Men, the Reason the Chinese Began Foot Binding Women, Female Genital Mutilation, the Catholic Church Directing Fidelity Within Marriage for All of Christendom, Ancient Greek and Ancient Roman Belief in Monogamy, Monogamy Declared a Christian Law in 325 A.D. and Europe Emulating This Within 400 Years, Europe Spreading Monogamy Unto the World and the Way Men Bypassed This Restriction, Women Gaining Independence During the 20th Century, the Advent of Alimony and Child Support to Suppress Men From Infidelity, the Reason Jealousy is Believed to Have Evolved Within the Human Psyche, and the Reason Passion is the Greatest Threat

The term “polygamy” is often used interchangeably with “polygyny” but doing so is incorrect. The term “polygamy” refers to the “practice of both men and women having more than one spouse” where as the term “polygyny” refers to the “practice in which only men can have additional spouses”. Traditionally marriage was not bore out of love, it was more so a way to structure a deal around something required. The upper classes used marriage to create alliances, sign peace treaties, and create military ...

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