The Tudor Christmas: Celebrations of the Winter Solstice Throughout History, the Period of Advent, No Work Permitted During the 12 Days of Christmas, Pigs Head Being the Centerpiece During Christmas for the Anglo Saxons and the Reason it Was Prized, Turkey Replacing the Pigs Head During the 18th Century, Tudors Controlling the Temperature of a Fire With Different Types of Wood, Holly and Ivy Being Used for Millennia During Winter Celebrations, Tudor Distinction Between Wood and Timber, Pie Crusts Prior to the 19th Century, the Sport of Falconry, Sewing Falcon Eyes Shut Before the Advent of the Hood, Harsh Penalties for Handlers if Falcons Were Lost or Damaged, Falcon Training, Mandatory Archery Practice for All Male Citizens, How Felt is Manufactured, and the Origin of Christmas Caroling

The Ancient Romans celebrated the winter solstice with Saturnalia, the Norse with Yule, and by the Tudor era, the winter solstice had evolved into a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Before the 12 days of Christmas which we spent feasting and drinking, came advent, a period of 24 days spent fasting and preparing food for the feasts to come. During advent, no meat, eggs, or cheese were eaten, both as a religious observance and also as a chance to save food and money for the...

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