The World’s First Insurance Fund, Japan Being the First Global Super Power to Offer Universal Healthcare, the Japanese Military’s Argument in Favor of Universal Healthcare, Japan’s Guaranteed Minimum Standard of Living Policy, the Benefit of Smart Contracts, Canceling Smart Contracts (Options), the Reason Hedge Fund Managers Earn a High Income, American Investor Warren Buffet’s Detestment for Smart Contract Derivatives, and the 2008 Bailout Funds Provided to the American International Group

The world’s first insurance fund was created in Scotland, in 1744 by ministers Robert Wallace and Alexander Webster. Wallace and Webster were unhappy with the way the families of those who had departed were treated postmortem and therefore came up with a system in which a fund was created by collecting premiums, with the fund then invested, and the widows, widowers, and orphans paid out by the returns and interest generated from the investment, with the principal continuing to remain invested an...

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