The Country With the Most Incarcerated Women, the Increase of Incarcerated Women During the Past 3 Decades, China Consuming 50% of the World’s Pork, the Food Cost of Raising a Pig, the Similarity Between Human Being and Pig Eyes, and Necessary Food Growth by 2050

The US has more incarcerated women than any other country in the world. The number of incarcerated women has gone up 400% in the last 30 years as of 2011. In 2012, China consumed 50% of the world’s pork production. To raise a pig from birth to death requires just under 300 kilograms of food. Food represents 60% of the cost of raising swine. Pigs have white scleras in their eyes just as humans do. The United Nations has stated that the world must grow it’s total food production by 70% if we are t...

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