American Silversmith Paul Revere Performing Multiple Trades, Revere’s Membership Within the Sons of Liberty, U.S. President George Washington Becoming a General at a Young Age, Washington’s View of English Goods, the 2 Term Limit for U.S. Presidents Setup By Washington, Washington’s Annual Salary, and the Maximum Expenditure of a U.S. President

Paul Revere was the son of a French refugee. Revere was a silversmith by trade but also performed engraving, a practice which was unusual for a silversmith to do during the 18th century. Revere also crafted surgical tools and replaced teeth, learning dentistry from John Baker, the person who made George Washington’s famous dentures. Revere was a member of the Sons of Liberty, a clandestine group which partook in espionage and was responsible for the Boston Tea Party of 1773. George Washington be...

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